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How is Pandatest being used not only to determine hiring, but also to improve the mindset of the organization?
We interviewed Mr. Yoshikoshi, Branch Director who is also in charge of recruitment.


Please tell us about any problems you had during the interview before introducing Pandatest

In Vietnam, we can’t expect much from the information we can read from a candidate’s resume background. On the other hand, I felt that there were many things that I could not see just by answering the interview questions.

Under these circumstances, I thought that there was a mind gap after employment between the employer and the employee. Due to the high degree of uncertainty at the time of the interview, even those who later felt that they had a low affinity for the company learned how to do things after joining the company, and we have made efforts not to lower the quality of our services.

Especially in our company, we place importance on in terms of occupation.
Whether the person can make continuous efforts to improve the quality of the service provided. I wanted to make sure of this, but there were limits to the traditional oral interview.

In Vietnam, many people think that the company will increase their motivation,
There was a difficult time when 80% of the staff were replaced in two years due to the gap with that our company required.

After using Pandatest, I was able to not only improve the accuracy of my judgment during interviews, but also start reforming the mindset of the organization, and finally, I was able to reduce the misunderstandings between the hiring side and the hiring side.


Please tell us about your impressions when you used Pandatest for the first time

Above all, it is easy to understand that each item is digitized like a blood test for a health checkup.
The sense of incongruity that we felt in the depths of my heart was visualized in numbers.

In addition to the conventional sense of people who are likely to be consciously facing the same direction as the company’s work style, and those who are not, statistical values are accompanied by numbers, and from the perspective of management, workers Easier to analyze psychology.

Of course, there may be some errors between the inspection data and the actual feeling,
but without data, it is not possible to formulate hypotheses for improvement or to properly consider the order of priority for implementation.


What effect did it have compared to before using Pandatest?

We encourage our employees to test themselves once prior to a hiring interview and once upon completion of a probationary period.
Also, even after I was hired, I asked them to take the exam twice a year so that I could observe them from a fixed point.

This is the same as the privacy mark and compliance training, and it is a method to improve the accuracy by repeating and overcoating. By doing this, managers’ scores, which were low a year ago, are now visibly improving.

On the other hand, it is very realistic how the actual scores of those who feel that they are different from the human resources that the company is looking for. Managers can also analyze Pandatest results and have them devise individual guidance methods for teams and subordinates, which also plays a role in raising managerial awareness.


Do you have a favorite Pandatest evaluation item?

There are two Pandatest items that I emphasize when interviewing for a job.
They are ”Self-evaluation consciousness” and ”Consciousness of disclaimer” .

Regarding to ”Self-evaluation consciousness”, people who do not understand well the fact that they are evaluated by others tend to be dissatisfied and tend to lose their motivation at every turn. After joining the company, troubles with superiors are likely to occur during personnel evaluations, so checking this score can prevent such risks.

People with a low score for ”Consciousness of disclaimer” are always making excuses for their failures and lack the idea of prioritizing the recovery of customers who are actually in trouble. In order to grasp such risks in advance, I first check the two scores.


What kind of companies would you recommend Pandatest for?

I think that it will be useful in a wide range of industries, as it allows us to grasp the and of newly hired staff in advance. If I had to say, I think it would be especially recommended for companies with many sales and technical positions.

In addition to using it like a litmus test, I feel that the ability to analyze aggregated data and apply it to improve employee awareness is a major strength of Pandatest.