Lĩnh vực kinh doanh

Japanese financial representative office


Vấn đề gặp phải trước khi sử dụng PandaTest

The office consists of me, a Japanese person, and two local staff members. Up until now, we had somehow understood each other through our relationship.


Cảm nghĩ sau khi sử dụng thử PandaTest

By actually using the survey as a ruler, I was able to understand myself and the staff from various perspectives, which was very helpful.
Until now, the role of the staff has been to calmly step on the brakes while I tend to rush things forward. It was very interesting to see the result.

The more staff there are in a business establishment, the more clearly it becomes clear who each member is by using this tool. We recommend that many business establishments use this tool to maintain and develop their organizations.